So, last Saturday 26, we had a marvellous night at Kristian’s apartment on Oranienstraße. We ran out of beer – twice. There were more of you lovely folk than I expected.

We witnessed wonderful, soulful performances from The Sweetness (Chloe Charles, Aly Tadros, a delirious Douglas and Sam) and poet Ben Porter Lewis.

The beat poetry improv jam with Ben, Sam and Douglas that opened the second half was exactly what I imagined could come from a Sofa Salon event. Thank you to Kristian, the artists and to everyone that came (especially the Slovakian and Wien folk) and made it amazing. You make Sofa Salon.

Onto the Australian onslaught. It’s the time of year for Australian musicians to throw down their hard-earned and hop a plane to Europe. I am blessed with several lineups of amazing Australian talent in the next few months. The first is this Thursday at Joe’s Bar. Behold:

Donnerstag 31 März – Joe’s Bar Showcase: Biddy Connor (AUS) with Ned Collette (AUS) & Emaline Delapaix (AUS) plus a special poetry performance from lina paul (DE) and mr oCean (AUS).

Biddy Connor is an amazing film composer, viola player and songwriter. Sofa Salon is lucky to have her for a one-off performance featuring respected songwriter Ned Collette (AUS) and also me on backing vocals. Emaline Delapaix (AUS) is giving us her spun sugar ambient folk-pop. Our poetry performance is a new collaboration between previous Sofa Salon performers German singer-songwriter Lina Paul and Australian poet mr oCean.

Doors at 21:00. Eintritt 4€. Joe’s Bar, Schönhauser Allee 157, Prenzlauer Berg.

Australische Film-Komponist, Violaspielerin und Songwriter Biddy Connor kommt nach Berlin bei Joe’s Bar, P’berg, für eine einmalige Aufführung ihrer atmosphärischen Musik zusammen mit Musiker Ned Collette (Aus) und Gastspielern. Folk-Pop Sängerin Emaline Delapaix (Aus) spielt auch. Poesie kommt von lina paul und mr oCean. Anfang 21:00. Eintritt 4€. Joe’s Bar, Schönhauser Allee 157, Prenzlauer Berg, 10435 Berlin Tel: 0178 5527533

Coming Up:
Samstag 23. April – Wohnzimmer Konzert: Christina Maria (CH/CAN) and Jimmy Tait (AUS)
plus poet to be announced

Donnerstag 28. April – Joe’s Bar Showcase: Mijo Biscan (AUS) & Ian Fisher (USA) plus poet to be announced

Samstag 14. Mai – Sofa Salon & SAND Journal Wohnzimmer Festival: Monty Sparrow & Jimmy Tait & Waywardbreed & Andrew McCubbin & Roller One & Sunny the Magosopher (All AUS) & poets TBC.

Donnerstag 26. Mai – Joe’s Bar Showcase: Water Music (AUS) & Wasp Summer (Aus/Berlin) Europatour launch plus guests to be announced.