Hi Folks,

Sofa Salon #18:
Donnerstag 26. Mai @ Joe’s Bar presents the “For Love And Mayhem” tour launch for Wasp Summer and Water Music’s European Tour 2011.
This will be the last regular Sofa Salon showcase at Joe’s Bar for a while. I’m going to be busy with touring and recording for the rest of the year, so I’ll concentrate on the Wohnzimmer Konzerte for the rest of 2011.
This next Sofa Salon is also special because it is my tour launch. I play solo as Wasp Summer and I’ve organised a month-long Summer Tour with an amazing Australian singer-songwriter that I’ve actually never met, Water Music.
Through a mutual friend (and friend of Sofa Salon, Mark Steiner), we decided to have an adventure. Our “For Love And Mayhem” European Tour. We both make soulful, raw folk-rock and alt.country. Come and check out the show.
The Tour Launch Party is the Sofa Salon @ Joe’s Bar. Einlass 21:00. Eintritt Spende/Donation. Schönhauser Allee 157, Prenzlauer Berg.
Sofa Salon #17 Wrap-Up:

Well, Sofa Salon #17 was AMAZING. Thanks to the SAND Journal crew for their organisational nous and all the readers and musicians who made wonderful performances for us. We had a great audience, too. At 6 hours, we were tired and hungry by the end (thank you, felafel!) but it was a very relaxed and lovely day.

Our musicians were: Roller One, Monty Sparrow, Waywardbreed, Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts and Jimmy Tait. Our performers included Sunny the Magosopher, C.M Scholler, Becky Crook, Julian Smith-Newman, Sophia La Fraga and Shane Anderson. Check out the web links on the right to get a further fix of goodness. We witnessed incredibly moving moments, wry, sly and, surreal and funny moments. And everyone enjoyed the marvellous hof at Pedram’s apartment. Thank you all.

Sam Cooney took some great photos and posted them on this blog and his other blog. Matti Ernstmeier posted some images on Facebook. We got mentioned on übercool Berlin events blog Sugarhigh!

I think there will be more Sofa Salon/SAND collaborations in the future.