Hallo and welcome back to Sofa Salon. I have my very own domain name now: www.sofasalon.de and, as of this morning, there are over 600 of you subscribed to the mailing list and facebook page. 600! Thank you friends of Sofa Salon. Your enthusiasm and attendance makes this little moveable stage possible for me and all the artists.

Here’s the Sofa Salon podcast for March 2012, featuring this month’s artists Miss Kenichi and Eric Eckhart plus great tracks from Roland Satterwhite, Sean M. Whelan & Isnod and The Gypsy Curse.

On to this month’s Sofa Salon. This month, we have a new host and her living room in Wedding. Email berlinsofasalon {aet} googlemail.com for reservations. 6€ eintritt. Einlass 19:00. Musik 20:00.

Friday 23 March: Miss Kenichi (DE) + Eric Eckhart (USA/Ire)

Miss Kenichi, born a trucker’s kid in a secluded little town in the woods of south-east Germany, makes a kind of parched and dreamy Americana with a husky voice that slips in under your defences.
Joining Miss Kenichi is Eric Eckhart, a West Virginian by way of Ireland, who played the very first Sofa Salon and returns to us with a pocketful of big, warm folk-pop songs.

Miss Kenichi: Arrived

Eric Eckhart: Lost

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