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Hello Dearhearts,

As the harvest sunsets burn up our October evenings, we start to think of cozy things – candles, warming food, gathering friends, glühwein, netflix marathons.

To finish the Sofa Salon year, I accidentally programmed a mini-festival on October 27 & 28. The story is a classic concert promoter’s tale of having too many great options for one date.

Sun Tailor has been on my wish-list for three years. Just as we finally found a suitable weekend, Melanie Horsnell, who has played Sofa Salon before, said she was coming back at the same time.

Let’s put them on the same show! Job done! Melanie then said she was touring with King Curly, and asked if I wanted him on the show, too. I listened to his music and fell in love. I couldn’t say no, but I couldn’t put three people on one lineup. I would have to do two shows, and so the Sofa Salon Harvest Festival of Cloudy Songs was born.

About a month back, I was offered work outside of Berlin finishing on the day of the first Sofa Salon festival show. I can’t say no to the money, so I have booked a flight back, which will arrive at the time Sofa Salon normally starts.

My hosts, and my friend Monica, who some of you will know from selling drinks at Sofa Salons past, are going to let guests in from 20:30 on Friday 27 until I arrive from the airport. Music will start at 21:15. We’re in a lovely apartment at Rosenthaler Platz for both shows! Press your thumbs for me that there are no delays!!!

For Saturday 28, things are back to normal with doors from 19:30 and music from 20:15.

I hope you can join me for one or both:

FB: Sofa Salon #74: Melanie Horsnell + King Curly (AU)
Sofa Salon #75: Sun Tailor (ISR) + Michael Brinkworth AU

Kind Regards,