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If you’d like to talk with Sam about her Berlin Sofa Salon
EMAIL: berlinsofasalon [aet] gmail.com
TWITTER: @waspsummer
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/sofasalon

  • “[allows] the audience to focus on the music in a way not possible at most live shows” Postrwall, Marie Burrows 24.01.14 http://bit.ly/1hqrztJ
  • “…audiences connect with each other and the musicians in a way that is totally different from a bar gig… friends are made quickly and easily, spontaneous sing-alongs erupt” Slow Travel Berlin, Simon Morrison 13.12.13 – http://bit.ly/1kFQHgh
  • “…brings artists close to their audience in an unique and personal atmosphere!”
    We Love Repeat, Kilian 07.09.13 – http://bit.ly/14vJf58
  • “Das ist einfach ein ganz besonderer Vibe, den hat man im Club nicht.”, Neues Deutschland, Celestine Hassenfratz 06.09.13 – http://bit.ly/15GpFho
  • The Club Map, 03.09.13 – http://bit.ly/1e59Xpe
  • “Our favourite home concert crew does it again”, IndieBerlin 27.08.13 – http://bit.ly/1cz9cAI
  • “Sam Wareing ist aus der Independent-Musikszene Berlins nicht mehr wegzudenken.”, My Year in Lists, Konzerttagebuch 05.01.13 – http://bit.ly/UNdmNR
  • “There’s something of a secret society about the whole thing, passed by word of mouth and confirmed only through covert emails.”, The Revolution Will Not Be Amplified, IndieBerlin, Jason Kenny 05.09.12 – http://bit.ly/ONXDKq
  • “The Sofa Salon hosts a mix of styles… and the performances consistently range somewhere between good and amazing.”
    Berlinniversary Blog, Ella O 22.08.12 – http://bit.ly/Ph59v7
  • “And yes, apartment gigs are de rigeur these days in Berlin, 20 or 30 people having a good time in someone’s living or even bedroom”
    Deutsche Welle, Stuart Braun 30.03.12 – http://bit.ly/H6nGGo
  • “Was mir sofort auffiel war die angenehm lockere und offene Atmosphäre in der schönen Zweiraumwohnung. Im Wohnzimmer lagen schon rote Kissen auf dem Boden sowie eine Gästematratze. Ich nutzte die Gunst der frühen Stunde und sicherte mir einen angenehmen Platz auf dem Sofa. Mein erstes Bier schenkte mir einer der anderen Gäste.”
    Konzerttagesbuch 23.03.12 – http://bit.ly/H3ojDp
  • “[Gillian Grassie] was answering all the questions the audience had about it and – what was the most beautiful moment of the evening – in the end teaching to girls how to play a bit of harp and playing the first song of the set with/for them again. Those are the moments you don’t have on a normal concert.”
    Dörte Heilewelt 5.2.12 – http://bit.ly/yzT5Nc
  • “The host is extremely picky and really brings in some awesome acts. It’s your basic house concert concept – everyone piled into a tiny living room – with the promise of an intimate, one-of-a-kind interaction with the artist.”
    Laura Meyer 17.10.11 – http://bit.ly/zrWYCW
  • Green Tea Berlin 15.6.11 – http://bit.ly/zBfEVj
  • “Every month… Sam Wareing puts on a gig in a different apartment in Berlin. Musicians from all around the world play there. It’s called Sofa Salon. It’s grand.”
    Sam Cooney 15.5.11 – http://bit.ly/kRPPms
  • “The Sofa Sessions are run by another young Melburnian singer-songwriter, Sam Wareing… a showcase afternoon event held at a private apartment where underground folk acts and poets converge and artists hang everything from photos to animated illustrations on the walls… In trying to explain the Melbourne-Berlin axis she talks about “an aesthetic sympathy between the two cities. Melbourne’s the most European of Australian cities. Broadly speaking, I think they [Melbourne and Berlin] share an intellectual, melancholic, angular, monochromatic, anarchic feel. Long, grey, grim winters.”
    The Australian, Mark Mordue 23.10.10 – http://bit.ly/9Sznp6
  • “Klar, Singer-Songwriter passen besonders gut in eine intime, heimelige Umgebung. Wie schön, dass es in Berlin eine Veranstaltungsreihe namens Sofa Salon gibt, die in einigermaßen regelmäßigen Abständen genau das bietet – nämlich spannende Künstler, die leider kaum jemand kennt…”
    PopWolf 7.11.10
  • “…a whole weekend of shiny.  Every performer delivered those moments that make you forget you have a physical form.  Those I’d heard before were at their best, and those newly discovered have me well aboard their respective trains.  The accoustics of the living room are great, and it’s such a beautiful experience to hear the music directly, with no mics or mixing desks in between; it also really shows off the quality of the performers.”
    mister oCean 20.6.10 – http://bit.ly/xIbvz7

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